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Over the years, we have noticed that many garage door owners do not know much about the components and operation of their system and about the care which it requires as well. That is why we decided to create a section with practical tips which everyone can access directly online.

Use protective exterior-grade paint for the panels

The overhead garage doors which have steel or wood panels require the application of paint for protection from rust and decay respectively. The paint must be formulated to provide protection from moisture and be resistant from UV damage. Make sure that it is suitable for the type of panel material which you have.

Clean the safety sensors on a regular basis

You should consider doing it every three months since these devices tend to accumulate a good amount of dust and dirt. Our professionals recommend the use of soft dry microfiber cloth for the cleaning of the photo eyes so they do not get scratched. You can clean the plastic casing with slightly damp cloth.

Know where your children are at all times

If there are small children in or around your home, make sure you always know where they are whenever you are operating your garage. Sometimes, they will run under the door to try to beat it before it closes. This is dangerous.

Fortify your garage door locks with additional security product

The garage door is an entryway to your household. It is a must that you keep it secured just like the rest of the doors and windows. Do not just rely on a premium quality garage locks. Add up other security features such as CCTV cameras, alarm systems, and the like to keep safe from intrusions.

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