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How can I reset the garage door opener?

There may be different ways for resetting different models and brands of openers. However, in most cases the basic step is the disconnection of the unit from the power supply. It is actually comparable to the way routers are forcibly reset. You just have to wait for around 30 seconds before bringing back the power connection.

What is the best garage door type for limited spaces?

Sliding garage and roll-up doors are arguably the best options for those who don’t have a wide front space. However, based on the experience of our garage door repair experts, not many homeowners prefer roll-up doors and sliding doors are only applicable for big garages capable of housing two or more vehicles.

How do I program a keypad with my garage door opener?

The steps can be found on the manual of your garage door opener. However, it is usually done by pressing the learn button on the opener and entering your desired PIN on your keypad. Hold the enter key on your keypad until you hear two clicks or until the bulbs on your opener light twice.

Why is my opener making grinding sounds without opening the garage door?

This problem is due to broken moving gear. This is an internal component which transfers motion from the motor to the chain, rail or screw drive. Stop the opener immediately to prevent further damage and get the broken gear replaced right away. If you want to use the door in the meantime, disconnect the opener and open it manually.

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