Our Testimonials

Our Testimonials

We are specialists in garage door repair and the testimonials of customers confirm our sayings

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Do you want to see the comments of other customers? Here are their testimonials

Door Panels Required Replacement

I bumped my garage door while trying to maneuver my car. Good thing that the damage on the door was not a major one, although some of the panels needed to be replaced as they were bent. I knew that I could count on Garage Door Repair East Bethel for this concern, as they are always my go to company when I need help with my garage door. They went to my place with the replacement panels ready. They had them replaced and my door looked as if nothing happened. Their professional and immediate service is always impressive. They are the company to beat!

Dream Carriage Garage Door

I fell in love with carriage doors when I saw one in a movie that I watched. I knew that it is a thing of the past but I decided I wanted it for my garage. I bought a beautiful one that looked somewhat antique and classic, and called Garage Door Repair East Bethel for the installation. It was a busy month for me, and they were able to fit right into my schedule. The team came on time, and I was impressed by their skill as they installed my new door. I thank them for their expert service on my dream garage door.

Fantastic Garage Door Installation

The garage of my new house had no door and I wanted the most modern automatic one. I did quite a lot of research and chose Garage Door Repair in East Bethel for the installation project because they offered the best deal and on the same day I called. The specialists of the company were super helpful with the door and opener selection. I got the most advanced belt drive Genie garage door opener and a custom insulated steel door. The installation service included everything, including friendly instructions and safety and maintenance tips. This is definitely the best customer experience I had by far. If you ever consider having a new door installed, I recommend this service.

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